Online Clipboard Manager

William Clarkson

Hi, I’m William and if you are looking at this website right now it is probably because you want a way to manage text snippets without a big hassle.

Because I was unable to find an online clipboard manager that was mobile friendly to meet my simple needs, I decided to build one. I figure that if I needed an online app like this, others may too.

Online Clipboard Manager

Are you frequently having to copy and paste the same text over and over?

Do you have to search for the text, carefully select it, and then copy and paste?

If so then this is the online app for you!

I use this tool to speed up my work and save myself stress, with anything I need to frequently copy and paste.

What can I use the online clipboard for?

  • Customer service emails
  • Coding snippets
  • WordPress shortcodes
  • Foreign language words
  • Hard to remember technical terms
  • Hard to spell names
  • Needing to copy and paste from my computer to cellphone

How do I use it?

The clipboard manager is quite simple to use. Just fill in a title and paste your text. Then just two clicks will copy the text back to your computer ready to paste!

Unlike other clipboard managers, this will not listen to every copy you make. You will need to enter your text manually, but only once. This is more secure and allows you to organize the text you want to copy and paste into categories.

There is nothing to download, nothing to install. All information is stored in the cloud, so you can easily access it from any cellphone, tablet, or computer by logging into the website.

While I strive to keep all information safe and secure, this application is not recommended for passwords or other sensitive information.


The online clipboard manager has two version one for free, and one for power users at a small monthly fee.

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